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So What Are We Dealing With? 

I've got to say that I'm very confused at the moment. I have the majority of the major symptoms of Cushing's disease, and have had two tests come back showing high Cortisol levels.

My family doctor, gastroenterologist and even the eye specialist have sent me for test tests for Cushing's the latter two not knowing that the family doctor or endocrinologist had also sent me for similar tests. All three think I have Cushing's or at the very least something is wrong with my Pituitary gland that is causing the rest of my endocrine system to go out of whack.

The problem is that the endocrinologists don't agree. 

Continuing endocrine problemsI totally understand that you cannot treat someone for something until you have a confirmation of the problem. Cushing's is a serious problem, and cannot simply be treated with just medication. And even if you could, like the thyroid,  you can cause more damage if you're treating the wrong thing.

I don't know about other jurisdictions, but in the Canadian province of Ontario, health care is very segmented. For example, even though the pancreas is a key part of the endocrine system, endocrinologists won't deal with it and send you to a gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist, cannot work with you for high blood sugars which is related to the pancreas. 

The wait times between appointments can be weeks to months, and you are sent for more tests. 

And now they are talking about more referrals to more specialists, which means more waiting for more tests.

I need this to move forward. At this point it's been a year of tests, specialists and so forth. More things are turning up, but we're not dealing with the root of the problem.....just the symptoms. 

Need to start dealing with the root of the problem.


Purpose of Site/Disclaimer

The purpose of this site is to encourage people with ongoing issues to educate and advocate for themselves medically. 

This purpose of this website is not to give medical advice. I am not qualified to do that. The information found in this website, whether provided by me or shared by a third party, is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional health care or other medical advice. You need to have a health care team that you are working with. You should not rely on the information found here to make decisions about your health or lifestyle without consulting a health professional.

Like most people with Endocrine system problems, my situation, symptoms and issues are different from yours. What has worked or not worked for me, will be different for you. That is the nature of endocrine disorders.

Ultimately, you need to work with and consult with your health care team. As well, you and your family will need to learn to advocate for yourselves. It's too easy to have your symptoms and problems brushed off. Learn to fight back in a professional way, meaning, leave your emotions at the door as much as possible. Yelling and screaming gets you ignored.


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The major endocrine glands include the pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, and adrenal glands.

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